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Chalibonkas Mob


Date of Forming
November 2013
Dominant Female(s)
Ricou and Kinkaju
Dominant Male(s)
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
February 2015
Last Known Member
Bumpy, Kinkaju, Cilinha and No Sexy Time

The Chalibonkas Mob was founded in November of 2013 by two Sequoia females, who were evicted from Überkatz, three males from the Lazuli, one of Baobab origins. The males had been reccently displaced by wild males joining the Lazuli. The dominant positionts were taken by Ricou and Bumpy. After Ricou's death the position of dominant female was left open. In July 2014, 8-month Kinkaju became the new dominant female of the group. Sadly she was Last Seen along with the group's last two remaining subordinates in February 2015. Bumpy re-appeared and joined the Axolotls, and with that, the Chalibonkas were then declared lost.

Dominant Pair

When the group was formed in November 2013, Ricou had taken the place of the dominant female over her younger sister, while Bumpy took over the role of the dominant male over the two Lazuli males. Sadly, Ricou was hit by a car in April 2014, leaving the group with only adult males and pups. In July 2014, Kinkaju became the new dominant female of the group reluctantly. She was the group's last dominant female. Bumpy was the group's last and only dominant male.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the Chalibonkas. 

Ricou as the dominant female

Ricou (VSQF011) 

Talkeenta (VSQF035)

Bumpy (VBBM042)

Drachentöter (VLM189)

Bandersnatch (VLM193)

Sifaka (VCKM001)

Kinkaju (VCKF002)



Cilinha (VCKF005)

Eusebio (VCKM006)

No Sexy Time (VCKF007)






Last Known Members

The Chalibonkas had 4 member in February 2015.

Kinkaju (VCKF002) Dominant Female

Bumpy (VBBM042) Dominant Male

Cilinha (VCKF005)

No Sexy Time (VCKF007)


The Chalibonkas most likely a small territory near the Überkatz, however the smaller mob moved away. The group began to encounter the Ewoks frequently in mid 2014 when they started to encounter the RascalsWhiskers and JaXX after a territory shift. The Axolotls Mob formed near the Chalibonkas and became their new rivals until the group was lost.