Charlie(VGGM013), was born on the Gattaca mob on November 23, 2003. His parents were Izit and Risca, the dominant couple. He had three litter-mates, his two sisters, Zorilla(VGGF012) and Kleintjie(VGGF014), and one brother named The Wee Man Aidan(VGGM015). Just three months after they were born, Risca gave birth again on February 10, 2004, to Mary Pat, Mrs. Doyle, Father Ted and Jackie Chan. On October Charlie's brother The Wee Man Aidan went missing and was Last Seen. On November 11, 2004 Risca gave birth to Pustola, Brufola, Nannolo and Pisolo. One month later Kleintjie, Zorilla, Gringo, Fenodree, Mrs Doyle and Mary Pat left the group and formed the Commandos. However Fenodree and Gringo rejoined the Gattaca sometime later.Charlie started to babysit at a year of age. He soon started to take to roving along with the adult males of the group. Charlie remained in the Gattaca for almost three years. Unfortunately Charlie, Jackie Chan and Fenodree were Last Seen in August 2006. Charlie was Last Seen on August 18, 2006.


Gattaca Mob

Risca Whiskers

Zorilla Gattaca

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