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Cheesy Puff(VJXF035) was born in the JaXX on November 17, 2010. Her mother was Diana, the dominant female of the JaXX, and her father was an unknown rover. Cheesy Puff was born with four litter-mates: VJXP031, Bungee(VJXF032), Norman(VJXM033) and VJXM034. All five pups survived to three months of age. Sadly, in January 2011, VJXM034 was predated and VJXP031 disappeared some time later. But Cheesy Puff and her two remaining siblings made it through their first year. Her sister Bungee started to mate with rovers and was evicted while Norman started to rove. Cheesy Puff stayed away from rovers to avoid eviction from her mother. Her sister Bungee gave birth to a litter in October 2012 and Cheesy Puff helped to care for the pups. Cheesy Puff was pregnant for the first time in January 2013 but she aborted. Within that same month Cheesy Puff was evicted for the first time along with her younger sister Sao. Both females were absent in January but made it back into the group the following month. For the latter half of 2013 Cheesy Puff was regularly evicted from the group. In February 2014 Cheesy Puff and three other JaXX females formed a subgroup. She was pregnant at the time and gave birth in the subgroup. However within that month Cheesy Puff and two of the females abandoned the pups and rejoined JaXX. One female, Paddle Pop, remained behind to try and care for Cheesy Puff's pups but did not succeed and ended up rejoining JaXX. In August 2014, Diana died, leaving the dominant female position open. Cheesy Puff competed for dominance, but lost to her niece, Teahupo'o, despite being two years older. For the rest of 2014 Cheesy Puff did not fall pregnant but was still evicted frequently. In January 2015 she left the group briefly to go roving for males. She continued to rove throughout February, despite attempting to rejoin the group once Cheesy Puff was able to return to the group in March. She was evicted in May 2015 and was unable to rejoin the group, despite several attempts to do so. Cheesy Puff was Last Seen in June 2015. She was Diana's last living offspring.


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