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Van Helsing

Cheesy Toast(VVHM092) was born into the Van Helsing Mob in June 2015. His mother was Egg the dominant female and his father was most likely the dominant male Chemical Kev's Moped. He had two litter-mates VVHF093 and VVHM094. Sadly, both of his litter-mates would be predated within three months of their birth. This was most likely due to the ongoing drought the Cheesy Toast had been born into. Cheesy Toast went roving for the first time in October 2016 when he was about a year and a half old. He continued to be a regular rover after that. In January 2017 Cheesy Toast left his home mob and found one that was lacking healthy males.


Cheesy Toast joined the Pandora Mob, they had been dwindling due to TB. He took dominance next to Hoola La but she would be lost a month later in February. Elsa was the next to take dominance next to his and she gave birth to his first known litter. Sadly the next month Elsa and the pups would be lost. The Pandora would be lost in March after the last collared meerkat Heidi, was killed by the Baobab, Cheesy Toast left to continue his roving. He would appear at the Baobab and Van Helsing until he found a mob that wanted him in July.


Cheesy Toast joined the newly formed Paprika Mob. This group consisted of Cheesy Toast's older brother Howard, ex-Van Helsing dominant Angel Shuffle, two wild females and two juveniles. Sadly in August, he was euthanized due to TB.