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Cheetara Whiskers

Cheetara Whiskers(VWF103).jpg

Birth Date
January 29, 2006
Death Date
Disappeared with Petra in 2008
Wily Kat and Panthro
Known For
One of the founders of Baobab
Also Known as
A pup named Shelly on Meerkat Manor


Cheetara(VWF103) was born on January 29, 2006 in the Whiskers Mob . Her mother was Flower and her father was Zaphod. She was born in a litter of three pups. Her litter-mates were two, these were her sister Wiley Kat(VWF104) and her brother Panthro(vWM102). Cheetara her her siblings all survived to adulthood. She stayed in Whiskers for two and a half years. Her mother Flower is dominant of Whiskers for nearly 5 years. Her father Zaphod is dominant at the same period of time. She lived in Whiskers as a subordinate female. Her older sisters were frequently evicted from the group. Cheetara's mother Flower died in the 25th January 2007 by a snake bite. Her older half sister Rocket Dog took female dominance. Her father Zaphod soon left the group with six of the males and forms a bachelor mob called Incas. Her sister Wiley Kat's litter didn't make it. Sadly her sister died soon time after Cheetara was evicted. Her brother Panthro joined Commandos Mob. with four other Whiskers males. He became the dominant males once all the other Whiskers males died. Cheetara was evicted from the group with three other Whiskers females by Rocket Dog.


Cheetara was evicted with Hawkeye, Cruise and Petra. They then team up with three wild males and form Baobab Mob. The three wild males were Al Capone, Al Pacino and Al Catraz. The dominant male position was taken by Al Pacino who was then later on overthrown by Al Capone. Dominant female was due to be taken by the oldest females. Hawkeye and Cruise were both the same age. Cheetara did not become dominant female , she was several to nin months younger than Hawkeye, Cruise and Petra. Hawkeye won dominance though she was deposed by Cruise but still re-gained dominant female position. Cheetara and her older sister Petra were subordinate females. Hawkeye and Cruise gave birth to multiple litters expanding the Baobab to a large successful group. Cheetar did not produce any surviving litters in Baobab. She later on disappeared from the Baobab followed by Petra.

Meerkat Manor

On meerkat Manor Cheetara was feactured as a pup named Shelly with her litter-mates. Wily Kat plaed a pup named Millie and Panthro played a pup named Bing. Cheetara wasn't seen much in the series. Her sister and brother were seen quite often in season 4.


Mother: Flower

Father: Zaphod

Brother: Panthro

Sister: Wily Kat


Whiskers Mob

Baobab Mob

Wiley Kat Whiskers

Panthro Whiskers