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Chemical Kev's Moped(VVHM074) was First Seen in January 2014. joining the Van Helsing along with another wild male called Angel Shuffle. Chemical Kev's Moped history, such as his birth mob, parents and age are all unknown. A month after joining the Van Helsing group Chemical Kev's Moped became the dominant male alongside the dominant female, Bes 1. His roving companion Angel Shuffle disappeared by the end of the month, leaving Chemical with no competition. In March 2015 Chemical's partner Bes 1 was overthrown by a pregnant female named Egg. After giving birth to her pups Egg was quick to fall pregnant again, possibly to Chemical. She gave birth to five pups in July 2014 and then another four in September 2014. It's unknown if the offspring were fathered by Chemical. Despite Egg producing several successful litters, Chemical Kev's Moped left the Van Helsing in a small splinter group and was Last Seen in December 2015.


Van Helsing Mob

Egg Van Helsing