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Chimp(VTYF035) was born in the Toyota Mob on September 3, 2010. Her mother was the dominant female at the time Miss Lilly The Pink and her father was Greegan the dominant male. She was born with three litter-mates Bestie(VTYM033), Cantona(VTYM034) and VTYP036. All four pups survived their first month and started to go out foraging with the mob. Sadly the followming month while out foraging VTYP036 was predated leaving just three of the pups. The Toyota was a good size mob with enough adults to look after the pups. Sadly in December Greegan, Chimp's father and the dominant male of the Toyota, die from disease. Chimp's older brother Paymister became the dominant male. In Janaury 2011, Chimp's mother gave birth to a new litter, possibly the last litter fathered by Greegan. By then Chimp and her two brothers were four months old and could fend for themselves, however she was not old enough to help her mother with the new pups. In May Miss Lilly The Pink was euthanised due to disease and her daughter, Chimp's older sister Hoodwink became the new dominant female. In July 2011, a group of JaXX males joined the group, while the Toyota males were out roving. In September 2011 Chimp had reached her first birthday along with her brother Cantona, however he had left the group and joined the Yardies that was formed by the Toyota males who had left the group. Bestie had disappeared after he was kicked out of the group by the JaXX males. Chimp became pregnant for the first time, most likely mating with one of the JaXX males or a rover, however she lost the litter. In October 2011, Hoodwink died, leaving the dominant female position open. Chimp competed for dominance and ousted her two older sisters, and became the new dominant female of the Toyota. The dominant male, one of the JaXX males, named Snickers became her mate. Chimp aborted her litter in November but she soon became pregnant again, most likely Snickers was the father. In Janaury 2012 Chimp gave birth to Firefly, Thorne, VTYM044 and Keyser. Sadly VTYM044 died. Sadly her reign as dominant female was short, Chimp succumb to disease in March 2012, along with her sister Peanut, leaving her older sister Squeaker as the new dominant female.


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