Cho Commandos



was bron in the Commandos on February 16, 2008. Her mother was Beatrice and her father was an unknown rover. Cho’s litter-mates were Everest(VCDM039), Kili(VCDF041) and VCDP042. They were Zorilla’s first grandchildren born in the Commandos.The same month they were born dominant male Zarathustra died. and his younger brothers Baker and Miles fought for dominance. Baker won and took over as dominant male. Cho and her litter survived and started to foraged but VCDP042 was predated in April. Baker lost dominance to Miles and died in May 2008. Beatrice was evicted along with Samba and Celidh in July 2008, only Samba and Celidh managed to rejoin the group while Beatrice disappeared. Cho and her remaining brother and sister survived their first few months. Karim died of TB followed by Miles, Zorilla and Cody. Celidh and Panthro took over as the dominant pair. He sister Kili gave birth to a litter in March 2009. Two of the pups were sadly predated. Cho died along with Kili, Rastas and Celidh and the Commados disappeared in June 2009.

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