Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris and pups in 2010.

Chuck Norris ( VLM153 ) was born into the Lazuli Mob on January 29, 2009. His mother is Young. His litter-mates are Bernie, Finnlex, Sammy Jo, Old Creg, and Rufio. Two months after when Chuck Norris was one month old the group encountered the Hoppla Mob. By May, Caroline was absent from the group and was considered lost in June. Chuck Norris was 6 months old in July and his older half-sisters Christiana and her litter-mate Calvinia miscarried their litters that month. Calvinia was seen pregnant in August along with Young. The two of them gave birth in September but only three pups emerged so the actual number of pups born is unknown. Within the same month 3 members(Axel, Lutzputz, and Prieska) were absent from the group by the end of the month but the trio were seen with a Toyota named Stop it and a wild meerkat. Its not known if they started a new group. Back in Lazuli, In November his mother Young the dominant in the group is seen pregnant that month. Chuck Norris is 11 months old but sadly his brother Old Creg was predated that month. His mother Young gave birth to 5 pups(Viking, Mauer, Mayer, Rice and Murray). His older half sister Christiana is pregnant that month but loses her litter in January which is the month when the group encountered Aztecs. His mother Young and Hen were pregnant in January as well as Calvinia and they gave birth in February. Chuck Noris was Last Seen in March 2011. His brothers, Finnlex  and Rufio would later become dominant at Zulus and Whiskers respectivly.