Corkscrew(VEKM027) was born in April 2014 in the Ewoks. His mother was McDreamy and his father was most likely Tigi. Corkscrew was born in a large litter of five pups, his litter-mates were VEKF026, VEKM028, VEKF029 and VEKM030. The Ewoks were doing well despite the on going drought and the new litter helped boost their numbers. The pups survived their first few months however in July all of Corkscrew's litter-mates were lost leaving him as the only survivor. Corkscrew was the youngest member of the group, McDreamy and the oher females would not produce another litter until September. Corkscrew survived to his first birthday. He began to help out around the mob by taking sentry duties and helping out with the pups. In January 2016 McDreamy died and Corkscrew's older sister Edzna became the new dominant female. Corkscrew started to leave with his father and brother to seek mates elsewhere in other groups. In February a group of rovers from the JaXX joined the group. With new males in the Ewoks, the natal-mates had no reason to return and took to roving. Corkscrew left with his father and other males and disappeared.


Ewoks Mob 

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