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Gisela and Crusty at sunset

was born into the Baobab on December 15, 2008. His mother was Cruise and his father was an unknown rover, perhaps either Donatello or Michalangelo from the Moomins. He was born into a litter of three, his litter-mates were VBBP024, Claptastic(VBBF026) and Herpasaurus(VBBF027). Crusty's litter-mate VBBP024 disappeared in April 2009, but the rest of the lit ter survived to adulthood. In April of 2010 Crusty's sister Claptastic left the group alongside four other members and was Last Seen. Crusty started to rove with the older males and soon became one of the oldest males in the Baobab. His remaining sister Herpasaurus gave birth to a litter in February of 2012. Crusty left the Baobab in July 2013 while out roving with several other Baobab males.


Crusty and the eleven other males joined up with nine Kung Fu females and formed the Friksarmy Mob in July 2013. Fatty Mc Fatty became the dominant male while Littl'un became the dominant female. Crusty took on a subordinate role and spent much of his time roving with other males. In December he returned to the Baobab Mob. When Crusty returned, his mother Cruise had died and the dominant male Al Capone had went roving, so his younger sister Amarula took place as the dominant female and his younger brother Mr Lahey. Crusty took a subordinate role again and started to rove. Crusty didn't stay home for long. After just a few weeks, Crusty left his birth mob once again, this time he left alone in Janaury.


Crusty teamed up with a wild male and three evicted Lazuli females to form the Nematoads Mob. Male dominance was unclear by the end of the month. By February though Crusty was the clear dominant male. He most likely fathered most of the pups in the group. The group began to grow slowly with several successful litters, however the two subordinate females were evicted and left the group to form the Xhodes and the wild male named Toxoplasma-Whatever left the group with one of the male pups from the first litter. Despite losting the founding members, the Nematoads remained stable. In August 2015 Crusty was predated by a predator of the Kalahari leaving his dominant position to Hiw


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