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Daisy Whiskers


Date of Birth
November 22, 2002
Date of Death
Last Seen on October 28, 2003
Known for
One of Vialli's pups
Also known for
Born in a litter of seven

Daisy(VWF043) was born in the Whiskers group November 22, 2002. Her mother was Vialli and her father was Zaphod. Her litter-mates were Big Will, Louise, Scratchy, Itchy, Tarzan and Thelma. A total of seven pups in all. Three months after she was born she lost her mother Vialli. Her aunt Flower won dominance of the Whiskers beside Zaphod. The whole litter survived to adulthood. Daisy and her litter made it to two years old. They babysat Flower and Zaphod’s pups, their half siblings and cousins. Tarzan went roving and was attacked by the Young Ones but survived. Daisy and her sisters lost their litters. Daisy was evicted by Flower along with her sister Scratchy, Itchy, Thelma and Louise. They all disappeared on October 28, 2003. They probably joined wild males but it is unsure who would take dominance since they were all the same age. Her brother Tarzan went roving and never came back. Big Will was the last to leave the Whiskers with his younger half brother Stato, cousins Pookie and nephews Arrested Development and Bad Boy Bubby. On January 23, 2006 they all disappeared.

Meerkat Manor

Daisy did appear on Meerkat Manor, but she wasn't the same meerkat as this one. This Daisy was actually played by some of Daisy's cousins in the Whiskers, like Super Furry Animal, but she later got played by Armanita Ditch and Finn. By Season 4, she was no longer mentioned.


Mother: Vialli

Father: Zaphod

Sisters: Thelma, Louise, Itchy and Scratchy

Brothers: Big Will and Tarzan

Grandmothers: Holly and Vivian

Grandfathers: Argon and Phoenix

Great-Grandmothers: Morgause, Ziziphus and Tenuvial

Great-Grandfathers: Keros, Belgarion and VPM003


Whiskers Mob

Vialli Whiskers

Zaphod Vivian