Darky(VQEM001) was born in a Wild Group and first appeared in April 2012. Darky's birth date and blood-line is unknown, he suvirved to adulthood and became a rover along with another male named Whitey, who was believed to have come from the same group. The two males soon came across 5 evicted Whiskers females and joined them to form a new group.


The males stayed with the females and formed a new group called Queens. The group was discovered during an encounter with the Pandora. Darky was discovered to be the dominant male, with Ella as the dominant female of the new group. Sadly, the group was infected with TB and one of the members, Oriole, died. Soon almost all the members showed signs of TB. The group was no longer followed and considered lost. It's believed that Darky died of TB.


Queens Mob

Whitey Queens