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Darwin(VYM031) was born at the Young Ones Mob in October 19, 1998. His mother was Morgause and his father was Keros, the domimnant pair. His litter-mates were Presephon(VYF03?) and one male pup and female pup who died as pups. He and his sister survived to adulthood. In 2000, Darwin was one of fourteen Young Ones males to leave the group and go roving. Some of the other males were his brothers Pippin, Moppet, Dorf, Douglas, Jim Bob, Jason and John Boy and nephew Niko.


This group was called the Vivian Mob led by the dominant female Rhian. Pippin, being the oldest, took dominance beside Rhian. Darwin seem content to being a suborinate for the next five months until in March 2002 when Darwin challenge Pippin and overthrewn him. As the new dominant male, Darwin could mate with the dominant female and despite not being the oldest in the group, Pippin, Moppet and Dorf were older, he managed to hang on to his dominance. Pippin, Moppet and Dorf left to joined the nearby Frisky, however Darwin's dominance was later challanged. Darwin fathered two litters with Rhian. On September 4, 2002 she gave birth to  Boba, JabbaCaretta and VVF079 who was predated. A rover named Goblin visited the group and mated with Rhian. She also mated with Darwin and became pregnant. On November 19, 2002 she gave birth to Foxy BrownGrandma FunkLisa Left Thing Lopez, Missy Misemeanour and Queen Latifa. All the pups but Queen Latifa were fathered by Darwin. By then Darwin had been the dominant male for over a year. Darwin was predated on June 25, 2003 leaving his younger brother Douglas as the new dominant male after him. Darwin's son Boba would became the dominant male of the Balrog Mob.


Young Ones Mob

Vivian Mob