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Delpheus(VLM003) was born into the Lazuli on March 10, 1996. His mother was Ziziphus, and his father was Belgarion. He had one litter-mate brother Argon(VLM002) and two sisters VLF004 and VFL005. His mother had just overthrow the former dominant female Lazuli a few months before Delpheus was born. His father had been the dominant male since the start of the Lazuli. Being the dominant pairs' pups, Delpheus and his siblings were well taken care of. All four pups survived to adulthood. His sisters later were evicted and formed the X-iles in late 1997. Delpheus and his brother remained in the Lazuli a little longer. They started to rove with the other adult males. After two years in the Lazuli, the two brothers left the group all together. Delpheus and his brother Argon teamed up with a wild juvenile male named Beetle and soon came across four evicted Young Ones females.


The males stayed with the females and soon formed the Whiskers. Argon established dominance over Delpheus and young Beetle. One of the females named Holly became the dominant female. Delpheus, although never being the dominant male, was seen mating with other females on his roving trips. He sometimes challenged his brother for the right to be the dominant male but was beaten up very badly by Argon on several occasions. One of the worst cases was in March 1999 when Argon attacked Delpheus and ripped a big piece of flesh out of his neck during a dominance fight. Delpheus recovered though, and he soon became content with being a subordinate male. In May 1999 Delpheus even submitted to yearling Beetle. Delpheus began to spend most of his time roving at the other near by groups, mostly the Young Ones. In September, Holly died, leaving Argon without a mate. Delpheus and Argon left the Whiskers for good in early October 2000 to join four Young Ones females and two Vivian males.


The new mob was first called the KK but was changed to the QQ Mob. The females were Hunca MuncaVenus, Persephone, and Leia. The Vivian males were Genghis and Humphry. Argon later left the group to rejoin the Whiskers, leaving Delpheus as the oldest of the males, so he probably became the dominant male. Delpheus was collared so the group could be tracked. Female dominance remained unclear; however, what is known is the dominant female was predated by a bird of prey. The remaining Young One females soon disappeared. Later, Genghis left the group to join the Whiskers in June while Humphry left to rove. Delpheus returned to his favorite past time of roving, but he was run over by a car on the main road on July 17, 2001. The QQ existed for a few months and with the death of Delpheus, QQ was considered lost.


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