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Dexter Morgan(VBBM078) was born on September 5-6, 2011 in the Baobab Mob. His mother was either Cruise or Spatula and his father was an unknown male. Dexter Morgan's litter-mates included four males, Leon(VBBM073), Papsicol(VBBM074), Jay-B(VBBM075) and Uter Pendragon(VBBM076), and one female named Matilda(VBBF077). Sadly in November 2011 Leon was predated. In March 2012 the Baobab divided into two groups. Jay-B and Uter Pendragon were separated from the rest of the litter. However, they all returned safely the next month. In July 2012 Dexter Morgan's brother Jay-B went roving for the first time, even though he had not reached maturity. By September, 2012, Dexter Morgan and his siblings had become adults. In July 2013, he left the Baobab with many of his male relatives and joined up with Kung Fu females. Together they all created the Friksarmy Mob. Dexter Morgan spent his time in the Friksarmy as a subordinate male and an occasional rover. In November 2014 Dexter Morgan disappeared and was sadly Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

Friksarmy Mob