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Dis-Grace(VLM175) was born in the Lazuli in November 2010. His mother was Young, the dominant female of the Lazuli, and his father was Rufus. Dis-Grace was born in a litter of three with two litter-mates named Jimp(VLM176) and Caleb(VLM177). Dis-Grace was born in the first litter fathered by Rufus, who had overthrown the former dominant male Wollow in February 2010. Dis-Grace and his brothers had to grow up fast because Young soon became pregnant again. She gave birth in January 2011; Dis-Grace was three months old at the time, not old enough to help his mother out with the new pups. However, the Lazuli was one of the biggest mobs around with a large territory and many adults within the group to help instead. Dis-Grace and his two brothers survived to adulthood. In January 2012 Dis-Grace went roving for the first time along with the older males in the group. Dis-Grace continued to rove through the year. In January 2013, there seemed to be a group split, but the missing meerkats rejoined in February. Sadly Young died within that month but this event didn't affect Dis-Grace much. After his mother died, he began to rove often and in September 2013, he went roving with other Lazuli males and formed a large roving coalition. They joined the Zulus mob and the males started to fight for dominant position, but Dis-Grace did not become dominant. In July 2015, Dis-Grace took part in forming a sub-group of the Zulus, but was Last Seen in February 2016.


Lazuli Mob

Zulus Mob