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Donny(VEKF021) was born in the Ewoks in November 2013. Her mother was McDreamy and her father was Tigi. Donny was born with two litter-mate sisters VEKF020 and The Dude(VEKF022). That same month when the pups emerged VEKF020 went missing and was considered Last Seen; she was probably predated. In Janauary McDreamy gave birth to a new litter of three pups. Donny and her sister were now expected to fend for themselves. The two sisters made it through their first year and began to help out around the mob like most adult meerkats do. Donny didn't take much interest in the many rovers that visited the mob, so she was able to avoid eviction. It wasn't until she was approuching her second birthday that she mated with a rover possibly from the nearby Whiskers Mob and became pregnant for the first time. She however aborted her litter along with her sister The Dude while McDreamy gave birth. In October 2015, Donny left the group along with her sisters The Dude, Edzna and Sarah-Jane and formed a subgroup with Whisker rovers Pet and K-Quob; Pet was seen acting as the dominant male and it looked like Edzna would take dominance however after two weeks the females rejoined the Ewoks. In December Donny was absent along with several other meerkats however she was later seen with Ewok rovers Sachin, Bon Marche Rainbow Trout III and Scrappy McSandypants in Janaury. The males soon left her to continue roving and Donny disappeared. She was not seen in February and no longer mentioned in the Life History Reports. It is assumed that she was Last Seen.


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