Doug Doug(VEKM033) was born in Setpember 2014 in the Ewoks Mob. His mother was McDreamy the dominant female and his father was most likely dominant male Tigi. Isosceles was born with two litter-mates, one sister named Sarah-Anne(VEKF032) and one brother named Isosceles(VEKM031). The pups survived their first few months and strangely Dou Doug possibly went roving and was absent from the group in February 2015, but rejoined the group within the following month. He and his two litter-mates survived through their first year. In January 2016 McDreamy died leaving Edzna, Doug Doug's older sister, as the new dominant male. Within the following month most of the adult males inclduing Tigi went roving. A group of JaXX males joined the group and drove out the remaining males. It is unknown what became of Doug Doug.


Ewoks Mob

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