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Douglas Young ones


Formerly of the Vivian
Date of Birth
November 11, 1999
Date of Death
April 9, 2007
Cause of Death
Litter Mate(s)
Mary Ellen, Jason, John Boy, and Jim Bob
Guiness, Newkie, Lamp Shop, Judy, and Richard
Known For
Playing "Ozzy" on Meerkat Manor

Young Ones

Douglas(VYM061) was born on November 11, 1999, in the Young Ones. His mother was Morgause, and his father was Keros, the dominant pair at the time. Douglas' litter-mates included Mary Ellen(VYF0??), Jason(VYM0??), John Boy(VYM0??), and Jim Bob(VYM059). Interestingly, Douglas' claws never fully developed and were therefore much shorter than the regular meerkat's claws. In spite of the rudimentary claws, Douglas survived to adulthood along with his litter-mates. In September 2001, he went roving with some other Young Ones males, including his brothers Jim Bob, Jason, and John Boy.


The large group of rovers joined the Vivian. Pippin, being the biggest and oldest male, won dominance over Douglas as well as the other males and became the mate to the dominant female Rhian. Douglas lived as a subordinate under his older brother, and he became one of the group's main sentinels. In March 2002, Pippin was ousted by his younger brother Darwin. None of the males challenged him. Instead, Douglas, Jim Bob, and the other Young Ones males often roved at other mobs, mostly Whiskers, Elveera, and Frisky. In June 2003, Darwin was predated, and Douglas became the group's new dominant male. However, in May 2005, Jim Bob overthrew Douglas and took dominance. Douglas once again took to roving and joined a new group a year and half later.


In November 2006, Douglas and some roving companions joined the Gattaca. Douglas stayed in the group as a subordinate male. Sadly, the Gattaca had already became infected with TB and lost many of its members. Douglas too became sick and grew weak and thin. Male dominance was not clear until April, when Daffyd became the dominant male after a group split. On April 9, 2007, Douglas was bitten by a puff adder. Already weakened by TB, he was unable to fight off the snake's venom. Within a few hours, Douglas left the Gattaca and died at a bolt hole.

Meerkat Manor

Douglas as "Ozzy".

Douglas was featured in the second season of Meerkat Manor. He played a Commandos male named Ozzy, while his brother Jim Bob played as one-eyed Hannibal. He served as their super-sentinel (much like the Whiskers' character Mitch). In the episode "United We Stand", he was killed by the Whiskers during a territorial fight; however, Ozzy's death was portrayed by a meerkat who wasn't Douglas.


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