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Eagles Claw(VKUF009) and her three sisters were born on August 22, 2008 in the Kung Fu Mob. Her mother was Kleintjie. Eagle's Claw's litter was the second litter born into the Kung Fu. Two and half month after Eagles Claw was born, her mother gave birth to 7 pups. Eagles Claw is now an adult now with her sisters. She was pregnant for the first time in March 2010 but aborted.Tiger's Paw disappeared but her remaining sisters were evicted along with their cousin.


They formed the Ewoks with two Rascal males and two wild. McDreamy took the position of dominant female. The next month Tigi took the role of dominant male. When McDreamy became pregnant she evicted Eagle's Claw with all the other subordinate females within the group. McDreamy gave birth and allowed the females to rejoin. However all the pups were killed by the Kung Fu. The next time McDreamy got pregnant she evicted all the females again. The females all disappeared and it is unknown what happened to them. Eagle's Claw was Last Seen in December 2010.

Her litter mates and her first names were changed Mei, Pai, Tai and Chi.


Mother: Kleintjie

Father: Ningaloo

Sisters: Tiger's Paw, Dragon's Fist and Pai Mei

Grandmothers: Flower and Risca

Grandfathers: Zaphod and Izit


Kung Fu Mob

Tiger's Paw Kung Fu