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Subordinate Female

Edzna(VEKF017) was born on September 26, 2012 into to Ewoks. Her mother was the dominant female McDreamy, and her father was most likely the dominant male of the group Tigi. Edzna was born with two litter-mates: a sister named Frida(VEKF015) and a brother named Tulum(VEKM016). The Ewoks were a small group made up of mostly young members, so her odds of survival were rather low; despite this, she survived her first three months. In February 2013, Edzna was separated from the group. She spent a few days on her own before she was able to relocate the group and rejoined. As an adult, Edzna started helping out around the mob. She avoided rovers for most of her young adult life and only became pregnant for the first time in early 2014, however she aborted the litter in March 2014. Edzna and her sister Frida became the oldest females that same month when their older sisters Truffula and Bar-Ba-Loot dispersed from the group to form the Quintessentials. This made Edzna a prime target for evictions yet at the same time a useful babysitter for her mother's pups. Her brother Tulum disappeared while roving in early 2014. Edzna aborted a litter in August however quickly became pregnant again, but aborted this litter as well in September. In February 2015, Edzna was pregnant along side her mother and was evicted and only allowed back into the group after she aborted her litter. Her sister Frida was evicted and disappeared in May 2015 leaving Ednza as the last remaining member of her litter and the oldest subordinate female by more than a year.

Dominant Female

In January 2016 McDreamy died and Edzna took dominance. The next month in February, four JaXX males joined the group and the oldest Kazeh, too dominance next to Edzna. In March 2017 Edzna got pregnant and in April she gave birth to Combava, VEKP048 and Maloya, In June she got pregnant again and gave birth in July but this litter was sadly lost. She quickly gave birth again in September to Voldemort, VEKM051, VEKM052, VEKP053 and VEKP054. Sadly her mate Kazeh and all of the pups except for Voldemort would be lost. Lazuli male Wolfie would join the group and take dominance. Sadly, they would not produce any litters and Edzna would be lost to TB in March 2017.


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