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Eliot Kung Fu


Date of Birth
January 28, 2008
Date of Death
October 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
McDreamy, Bauer, Woolf, VKUP003, and VKUP007
Known For
Born in the first litter of the Kung Fu
Also Known As
McDreamy's brother

Eliot(VKUM004) was born in the Kung Fu on January 28, 2008. His mother was Benzedrine, and his father was Clinton Baptiste. His litter-mates were VKUP003, McDreamy(VKYF005), Bauer(VKUM006), VKUP007, and Woolf(VKUM008). They were the first pups born in the Kung Fu ever and Benzedrine's first litter as well. Clinton Baptiste had established dominance over the group, but their mother was not the dominant female; none-the-less, the pups survived their first few weeks. Soon the pups started foraging with the adults. While foraging, both VKUP003 and VKUP007 were predated, leaving just four of the pups alive. Two months later, in April, Clinton Baptiste disappeared (he was assumed predated) and another male named Ningaloo became the new dominant male. In July 2008, Benzedrine was evicted and formed the Sequoia with another female. The Kung Fu was a small mob that consisted of only a few adults, but despite their small numbers, Eliot and his three remaining litter-mates survived through their first year. They started helping out with babysitting and sentry duties. As full-grown adults, Eliot and his brothers Woolf and Bauer started to take to roving. His sister was the oldest of the subordinate females and she started to be evicted by the dominant female. Eliot lived in the Kung Fu for a year and eleven months before he and Woolf left the group for good to rove. Eliot and Woolf disappeared and were considered Last Seen in November 2009.


Mother: Benzedrine

Father: Clinton Baptiste

Litter-mates: McDreamy, Bauer, Woolf, VKUP003, and VKUP007

Grandmothers: Zorilla and Frascati

Grandfathers: Aragorn and The Dude


Kung Fu Mob

Benzedrine Commandos

McDreamy Kung Fu