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was born on February 18, 2008 in the Commandos. His mother was Beatrice and his father was an unknown rover. He was born two litter-mate Cho(VCDF040), Kili(VCDF041) and VCDP042. Beatrice was not the ominant female, but his grnadmother Zorilla, who also pregnant. She could have killed but she allowed Beatrice to keep her litter. The pups survivied their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sadly in April VCDP042 was predated and Zorilla aborted. The former dominant male Zarathustra had died and his younger brother Baker had taken dominance. However he was soon overthrown by his litter-mate brother Miles. Everest wasn't concern about dominance of the Commandos. His mother Beatrice disappeared in mid 2008. Everest grew fast and soon he and his sisters were almost a year old. In Janaury 2009, Zorilla, Miles and Cody, Everest's uncel, died of disease. Panthro and Celidh becane the new dominat pair. Kili became pregnant and gave birth to VCDP053 and VCDP054 in March 2009. She was heavily infected with TB. Sadly the following month both pups died. However Panthro soon died leaving Everest as the oldest of the male but he didn't take dominance. Three wild males joined the group but didn't kick Everest out even though he was over a year of age. None of the wild males established dominance and soon Celidh, Cho, Rastas died in June 2009. With the collared female dead the Commandos could no longer be tracked. Everest was considered Last Seen in June 2009.


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