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Fenodree Gattaca


yes, formerly of Commandos
Date of Birth
August 25, 2002
Date of Death
August 8, 2005
Cause of Death
Last Seen
VGGM006, VGGM007 and VGGM008
Calvin and Grog
Known For
First dominant female of Commandos
Also Known As
Stinker's only daughter in the Gattaca


Fenodree(VGGF009) was born in the Gattaca group on August 25, 2002. Her mother was Risca and her father was Stinker, the new dominant male. Her litter-mates were her three brothers VGGM006, VGGM007 and VGGM008. All of Fenodree's brothers died in September 2002, leaving her as the litter's only survivor. Fenodree made it to adulthood and avoided rovers. However in December 2004 she, Gringo, Zorilla, Kleintjie, Mary Pat and Mrs. Doyle were all evicted and left the group. The females stayed together and were joined by a group of Young Ones males.


The males stayed with the females and established a new group called the Commandos. The oldest of the males Aragorn quickly established himself as the dominant male and was fitted with a radio collar. Fenodree became the dominant female. A month into her reign the group was visited by a huge roving male named Grog. It's unknown if she fell pregnant as she disappeared less than a month later. She sustained an injury to her back leg and voluntarily left the group on December 23, 2004. She was sighted on August 8, 2005, in good condition and mating with an Elveera rover called Calvin. But after that she was never seen again.


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