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Firefly Toyota

VTYF042 Firefly.jpg

Formerly of the Toyota
Date of Birth
Janaury 2012
Date of Death
May 2014
Cause of Death
Toyota, VTYM044 and Keyser
Known For
Seventh Dominant Female of the Toyota
Also Known As
Youngest Dominant Female

Firefly(VTYF042) was born in Janaury 2012 in the Toyota Mob. Her mother was the dominant female Chimp and her father was most likely the dominant male Snickers. Firefly was born in a litter of four with three brothers Thorne(VTYM43), VTYM044 and Keyser(VTYF045). All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging. The Toyota was a small mob and Firefly's litter was the first litter born in a year. Sadly VTYM044 disappeared while foraging and was assumed predated. Firefly and her two remaining brothers survived to three months old, sadly Chimp and another female Peanut died in March. There was no dominant female fortwo months till Firefly's aunt and last adult female in the group Squeaker took dominance in June. Sadly that same month Snickers, Twix, Ole and Nabby died leaving Rococo as the dominant male. He disappared the following month and a Drie Doring male named Fingal joined the group. In August Squeaker died and surprisenly Firefly was seen acting as the dominant female at only seven months old. She broke the record for the youngest dominant female ever and became the new dominant female of the Toyota. However Fingal didn't seem interested in her because of her young age and took to roving. In September Firefly was overthrown by Naggapatzi who had just joined the mob along with her sister Treva The Renewer. Rococo returned from roving and re-established dominance in Fingal's absence. Firefly was evicted and has been absent since however she soon returned to the group. Naggapatzi's brother, Princess Madcat soon joined the group as well, ousting Roccoco, who was battling TB at the time. Despite this, Firefly and Keyser survived to adulthood. Around that time, Treva gave birth to a litter of pups. This was the first litter born into the Toyota since Firefly herself was born. She probably helped babysit. However, within the next month, all of them were lost to predation. Naggapatzi started to evict Firefly more often. She was evicted in September and remained absent the rest of the month and throughout October. She managed to rejoin the group in November, only to be evicted again in December, though she was able to rejoin the same month this time. She stayed mostly out of trouble until April when she suffered yet another eviction. She was the only individual wearing a radio collar, so the group could not be tracked during the time of her separation from them. She too though could not be found despite wearing the collar and in May was ultimately discovered dead of unknown causes.


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