Fran The Wo-Man Lazuli

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Fran The Wo-Man


Fran The Wo-Man(VLF184) was born into the Lazuli on May 8, 2011. Her mother was either Christiana or Toppen, and her father was an unknown rover. Fran The Wo-Man was born into a large mixed litter, her litter-mates being her four brothers named Flammkuchen(VML185), Pip(VLM186), Fran The Man(VLM187), and Sinbad(VLM188). Despite the fact that Young, the dominant female, was pregnant, she made no attempt to kill the pups. In June 2011, Toppen died, and Fran The Man was predated. Fran The Wo-Man and her three remaining brothers managed to survive to adulthood. In November 2012, Fran The Wo-Man was evicted for the first time, even though she wasn't pregnant, but she managed to rejoin the group. She was evicted again in January 2013 and March 2013 but rejoined the group on both occasions. During that time, the dominant female Young had died. Fran The Wo-Man's possible mother Christiana became the new dominant female. In December 2013, Fran The Wo-Man was evicted once more. She was absent from the group that month. In January 2014, she left the Lazuli with two other females to form a new mob.


The females joined up with a wild male and a Baobab male called Crusty and formed the Nematoads. All three females were pregnant. The first of the females to give birth was Sutica in January; however, Bernie killed her litter and gave birth in February. The same could have happened to Fran The Wo-Man's pups, but she gave birth to a signal pup named Indiana in March 2015. She was pregnant again in July 2015 but ended up aborting her litter. In October, Fran The Wo-Man was evicted but rejoined the group only to be evicted again with Sutica in November. Both females were absent at the end of the month. They were found later in December; both were pregnant and made no attempts to rejoin the group.


In January 2015, Fran The Wo-Man gave birth to VXHF001, VXHM002, VXHP003, and VXH?004 while Sutica aborted her litter. With the new litter, the group was now considered a mob, collared, and called the Xhodes. With the only two adults busy caring for the pups without male helpers, there was no time for competition over dominance. Being the younger of the two females and having just given birth, it was less likely that Fran The Wo-Man would take dominance, especially with Sutica being pregnant again. VXHP003 of the pups went missing in February and was assumed predated. Her other three children survived though. In November 2015 tracking of the Xhodes was ceased and Fran The Wo-Man was Last Seen

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