Franipoo(VJXM030) was born on August 18, 2010 in the JaXX Mob. His mother was the dominant female Diana, however his father was an unknown rover. Franipoo was born with three brothers Egbert(VJXM027), VJXM028 and Nozza(VJXM029). The pups survived their first three months but sadly VJXM028 was predated in October. The JaXX were a good size mob that numbers around twenty members. In November Diana gave birth to another litter making Franipoo and his brothers no longer the pups of the group. Franipoo was four moved old now so he could fend for himself but he was too young to help his mother with the new pups. Franipoo survived to seven months of age before he was predated in March 2011.


JaXX Mob

Egbert JaXX

Nozza JaXX