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Frank Zappa

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Formerly of the Zappa
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Meerkat Manor Mate
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The former dominant male of the Zappa

Frank was first seen in the third season of Meerkat Manor. He was seen as the dominant male of the Zappa with his mate named Lola. He was said to be a fierce leader but everytime he led an attack on the Whiskers, the Zappa ended up running away. Lola and Frank got in a food fight once in the Zappa's barron land. After a few episodes, Lola went missing after she got injured. Punk took over as dominant female. When Lola returned, Punk was already accepted as dominant female. Frank started grooming Punk, hoping she would accept him as her mate now so he could keep his position as dominant male. But just then, Houdini returned from roving. Frank wanted to make sure Houdini knew he was still dominant male. He attacked his younger brother. After the fight, the younger meerkat won and Frank lost dominance of the Zappa. Frank started roving after that and wasn't mentioned anymore.


Frank was played by two meerkats, one was the older Alexander, the dominant male of the Young Ones, and the other was a younger meerkat named Glufs who died part way into the show. The dominance fight was probably played by a two different meerkats.


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