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Frascati(VFF067) was born in the Frisky Mob on January 2002. Her mother was Jubulani and her father was the dominant male. Her litter-mates remain unknown. She survived to adutlhood and started babysitting and keep sentry for her family. The wild male at Jubulani's side, Frascati's father, died and Garnet became the dominant male. However he left the group to rove with most of the adult males. This allowed three Young Ones males to join the group. Pippin, the oldest, became the new dominant male. Jubulani had one more litter, and died of disease in February 2004. Frascati was one of the oldest female in the group, but she was not the oldest. Her older sister Sioux became the new dominant female. She gave birth to four pups in April 2004 but, soon after was predated.

Dominant Female

Frascati was her oldest femae still in the group so she over as dominant female. Frascati gave birth to 4 pups in July 2004, and another litter of 5 pups in December 2004. Sadly Pippin disappeared in early 2005. The other Young Ones males had left the group by then so Frascati had no mate. Her luck change however when a signal wild male named The Dude joined the group. Frascati had a new mate and she started to bring up the Frisky numbers with her many litters. Frascati gave birth to Tangle, Fable and Bootle on August 4, 2005. Frascati gave birth on October 22, 2005 to Rave On, Clinton Baptiste, Holy Mary, Chorley and Kenny Snr. Sadly, The Dude died of disease leaving Frascati without a mate again. There was no dominant male for two months, then Drie Doring rover named Gazebo joined the goup and became the new dominant male. The next month five meerkats died of TB, including some of her new children. The Frisky dropped in numbers. Frascati gave birth to her last litter on February 28, 2006, when she gave birth to Bramley, Dusty, Wilfred, Toadflax and Apple. Frascati sadly died of disease as well on Janaury 2007. She had been the Frisky 's dominant female for almostt three years. Her daughter Bootle became the dominant female after her. Her son Fable became the dominant male of the Rascals Mob at some point, while her other son Clinton Baptiste, took dominance of the Kung Fu. Bramley was the last of her children to live the longest.


Mother: Jubulani.

Father: A wild male.

Litter-mates: Unknown.


August 4, 2005: Bootle(VFF121), Fable(VFF120), Tangle(VFF119).

October 22, 2005: Rave On(VFF122), Clinton Baptiste(VFM123), Chorley(VFF125), Holy Mary(VF?12?) and Kenny Snr.(VF?12?).

February 28, 2006: Bramley(VFM127), Apple(VFF131), Dusty(VFF1??), Wilfred(VFM1??) and Toadflax(VFM1??).


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