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Frida(VEKF016) was born on September 26, 2012 into to Ewoks Mob. Her mother was the dominant female McDreamy and her father was most likely the dominant male Tigi. Frida had two litter-mates including a brother named Tulum(VEKM015) and a sister named Edzna(VEKF017). In February 2013 Frida's sister Edzna was separated from the group but rejoined a few days later. Frida and her two litter-mates all survived to adulthood. Frida became seperated from the group and was absent in last week of December, however she returned in the first week of Janaury perfectly fine. Her brother Tulum disappeared while roving around the same time however.. By then Frida and her sister Edzna were the oldest subordinate females in the group after her older sisters Truffula and Bar-Ba-Loot left the group to form the Quintessentials in Febaury 2014. This made Frida and Edzna prime eviction targets, however Frida avoided eviction for most of there young adult life until she was around two years old. She managed to stay on her mother's good side by avoiding rovers and helping her McDreamy's pups. However she couldn't resist the urge to breed and started to show signs of being pregnant for the first time in  December 2014, yet she aborted the litter in January. Frida was evicted in May 2015 and disappeared without a trace. 


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