Gansen(VBBM089) was born in September 2013 in the Baobab. His mother was Zogg, a subordinate female, and his father was an unknown rover. His littermates were Lekshmi(VBBF088) and Laddu(VBBM090). The dominant female Amarula had just lost her own litter, so she allowed Gansen and his siblings to live. All of them survived their first months and learned how to forage with the adults. In June 2014 Gansen took an interest in roving at just nine months of age. Three months later he and his siblings reached adulthood. Gansen quickly became an active rover. In May 2015, Gansen along with four other Baobab rovers left the group in search of unrelated females.

Drie Doring

Gansen and the roving colination he was part of traveled at least five miles before they found the Drie Doring. They kicked the four resident males out and the oldest Baobab male Butch took dominance. He began to rove again but TB started to run rampent in the group. Sadly in March 2016, almost a year after Gansen and six other others succumbed to TB and sadly the Drie Doring would be lost two months later.


Baobab Mob

Amarula Baobab

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