November 2001: Risca and Wahine joined Izit, DeeJay and Vervain. Wahine and Izit became the dominant pair. Wahine gave birth to BuckBeak, Mad Eye Moody, Severus Snape and Sirius Black.

February 2002: Wahine was predated so Risca took dominance. Stinker joined the group and over threw Izit. Risca was pregnrnt

March 2002: Sirius Black was predated. Izit went roving at the Balrog and mated with Luella.  Risca gave birth to Mr. Wendell.

September 2002: Risca was pregnant.

August 2002: Risca gave birth to VGGF005, VGGM006, VGGM007, VGGM008 and Fenodree.

September 2002: Risca was seen mating with Mojadji of the Balrog. VGGM005, VGGM006, VGGM007 and VGGM008 all died.

October 2002: Risca was pregnant.

November 2002: Risca gave birth to Gringo and Pancho. Mr. Wendell went roving at the Whiskers and mated with Flower.

March 2003: Mr. Wendell. was Last Seen

October 2003: DeeJay, Vervain, Buckbeak and Severus Snape went roving and were all Last Seen. Risca was pregnant and evicted Mad Eye Moody, who was Last Seen.

November 2003: Risca gave birth to Zorilla, Charlie, Kleintjie and The Wee Man Aiden. Pancho was Last Seen.

January 2004: Risca was pregnant.

February 2004: Risca gave birth to Mary Pat, Mrs Doyle, Jackie Chan and Father Ted.

May 2004: Father Ted died.

October 2004: Risca was pregnant. The Wee Man Aiden was Last Seen.

November 2004: Risca gave birth to Pustola, Nannolo, Brufola and Pisolo.

December 2004: Kleintjie, Zorilla, Gringo, Fenodree, Mrs Doyle and Mary Pat left the group and formed the Commandos Mob. However Fenodree and Gringo rejoined the Gattaca sometime later.

January 2005: Stinker left the group and joined the Balrog, he was Last Seen within this month.

June 2005: Gringio was pregnant.

July 2005: Gringo gave birth to Flint, Olly, Hugo and Amelie.

March 2006: Brufola was pregnant.

April 2006: Brufola gave birth to Scary Mary, Oujamaflip and Benwyn.

July 2006: Izit died. Risca was pregnant, so she evicted Fenodree.

August 2006: Risca gave birth to VGGF034. Charlie, Jackie Chan and Fenodree were Last Seen.

October 2006: Nannolo disappeared. Basta joined the Gattaca and became the dominant male.

November 2006: Risca mated with Hannibal, a Vivian rover. Douglas, Hannibal, Richard, Emily Howard, Daffyd and Balders joined the Gattaca and kicked out Basta. Daffyd became the dominant male.

December 2006: Risca was pregnant. She evicted Brufola and Gringo, who were Last Seen.

January 2007: Risca gave birth to Panama, Balboa, Sober Ana and Atlas.

February 2007: Scary Mary died of TB.

April 2007: Hannibal, Richard and Balders dispersed with Benwyn and Amelie.

May 2007: Pustola died of TB.

July 2007: Daffyd died of TB.

August 2007: Risca was predated and the Gattaca was lost.