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Genghis(VVM035) was born in the Vivian Mob on February 25, 1999. His mother was Vivian and his father was Stinker. His litter-mates were his brothers Alexander(VVM037) and Attila(VVM036). They survived to adulhood and began to rove, babysit and take sentry.


On June 27, 2001, he went roving with other Vivian males which joined the Whiskers including his brothers Basil, Izit, Zaphod, Yossarian, Zazu, Govinda, Alexander, Attila, and Phooey, and nephew Patis. The males joined a group called the Whiskers Mob. The dominant female was Risca. Basil was the oldest but lost his chance at being dominant to brother Izit. So Basil, Zazu, Govinda left and joined the Lazuli. Izit wa sover thrown by Zaphod and Risca was over thrown by Vialli. Genghis began to rove agian. He left the group with the remaining males, all but Zaphod, Yossarian and Alexander.


Genghis and the other Vivian males joined another group. He joined the KK which was later named QQ. He left to rove and disappeared on October 31, 2001.


Mother: Vivian

Father: Stinker

Brothers: Alexander and Attila


Vivian Mob

Whiskers Mob

QQ Mob