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Gob in 2012.

Gob(VVHM040) was born in December 2010, into the Van Helsing. His mother was Billy, and his father was most likely Titan. Gob was born into a large litter of six; his litter-mates included four brothers named Tobias(VVHM039), Buster(VVHM041), Steve Holt(VVHM043), and Frankie(VVHM044), and one sister named Egg(VVHF042). Sadly, Tobias only made it to 8 months of age, as he was predated in August 2011. That same month, Gob, Frankie, Egg, and several other Van Helsing meerkats were absent from the group. However, they all reappeared the next month. The rest of the litter all survived to adulthood. However, in February 2012, Buster was Last Seen. Then in July, Frankie was also Last Seen. In October 2012, Gob went roving for the first time. Later in December, Gob's remaining litter-mate brother Steve Holt went roving for the first time. Gob continued to rove occasionally throughout his time in the Van Helsing. In September 2013, he was Last Seen along with his brother Lord Besington.


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