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Goblin(VEM0??) was born in the Elveera on Janaury 15, 2000. His mother was a young subordinate female named Bettik, and his father was rover named Mad Max, the former dominant male of the Drie Doring. Goblin's litter-mates were Nereid(VE?0??), Imp(VEF036), Elf(VEF0??) and Sprite(VEM037). Despite the fact that the current dominant female, and Goblin's grandmother, Tenuvial also gave birth to a litter, allowed the subordinate litter to survived. The litter of five survived through their first year. Shortly after Bettik and Elf were evicted and Neried disappeared. Goblin and Sprite started to go roving more frequent and the two brothers soon left the Elveera.

Young Ones

The Elveera males joined the Young Ones after a large group of males left to join the Vivian. After a brief competition between Sprite and Goblin, Sprite established dominance over Goblin and became the dominant male. Goblin made no attempt to steal dominance from his brother and soon started to rove again. In late 2002, Goblin visisted the Vivian were he mated with the dominant female Rhian. She later gave birth to a large litter of five pups, however only one pup named Queen Latifa was fathered by Goblin while the rest were fathered by the current dominant male of the Vivian. Goblin returned to the Young Ones after his roving trip at the Vivian. He remained in the Young Ones for some time longe rbefore he took to roving with several Young Ones males. The roving group disappeared but were believed to have join the nearby wild group known as the Abba Mob. In mid 2006 Goblin was seen in a wild group, believed to the Abba, however it could not be determine if he was the dominant male. Goblin was considered Last Seen on that day, July 27 2005.


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Young Ones Mob

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