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Gobolino(VLM181) was born on January 22, 2011, in the Lazuli. His mother was Young, the dominant female at the time, and his father was Rufus, the dominant male. Gobolino was born in a large litter of six. His five litter-mates were his siblings Sutica, Merlino, Morgana, VLM178, and Cagliostro(VLM179). When the pups started foraging with the adults, VLM178 died. The Lazuli were a large mob and managed to bring the rest of the pups through. In June 2012, Gobolino went roving for the first time. He became a regular Lazuli rover along with his brother Cagliostro. Meanwhile, Gobolino's sisters became targets for eviction. Merlino and Morgana were both Last Seen in 2013. In September 2013, Gobolino and five other Lazuli males left the group for good.


The rovers joined the Zulus, led at the time by Ocho Niple. The oldest of the males Finnlex became the dominant male. All of the subordinate males except for Gobolino continued to go roving. In December 2013, Gobolino overthrew Finnlex and became the Zulus' new dominant male. In Junuary 2014, Cagliostro overthrew his brother and seized the role of dominant male. Following this event, Gobolino became a common Zulus rover. Gobolino was Last Seen in December 2015 after a roving trip.


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