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Goldeneye (VBBM095) was born in March 2014 in the Baobab. His mother was Amarula, the dominant female. His father was believed to be a Lazuli rover named Cagliostro. His litter mates were Yippee Ki Yay (VBBM096), Sharknado (VBBM097) and Black Briar (VBBM098). Goldeneye went roving for the first time in October 2014, at just seven months of age. Five months later, he reached adulthood along with his brothers. Goldeneye left the Baobab in May 2015 along with his uncle Butch, cousins Gansen and Laddu, and his older brother Bedonde.

Drie Doring 

The Baobab rovers joined the Drie Doring group, where the resident adult males where absent. When the four Drie Doring males returned they submitted to the Baobab males and left. Butch immediately took dominance alongside the dominant female Parmesan. The group's numbers dwindled over time due to TB. Eventually only Goldeneye, Bedonde and Darcy remained. After Bedonde and Darcy died of TB Goldeneye started roving. At the time he was showing no sign of the disease and was in good condition. He was unable to be tracked and was Last Seen in May 2016.


Baobab Mob

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