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Gooch(VRRM132) was born in September 2010 in the Rascals. His mother was not the dominant female but a subordinate female named Lyra and his father was an unknown rover, possibly a wild male. Gooch was born in a litter of four, his litter-mates were his three sisters Wenis(VRRF133), Coccyx(VRRF134) and Mushy(VRRF135). At the time the Rascals were a small mob but the group was mostly adult meerkats so Gooch and his sisters had many helpers. In December when Gooch was only three months old, the dominant female Sancerre evicted Lyra along with her sisters Rioja, Vela, Ara and Calendula. Only Ara made it back into the group, all the other females disappeared and were considered Last Seen. Gooch and his sisters survived through their first year without much event. His sisters Coccyx and Mushy became pregnant along with Sancerre however only Sancerre and Coccyx gave birth to a litter in September 2011. Gooch was old enough to help his sister and aunt with their new pups. In December 2011, Gooch went roving for the first time in his life by himself. However Gooch wasn't much of a rover like the older males in the group. In September 2012 Gooch went roving for the second time with the other males. In late 2012, the dominant male Grus died and Gooch's uncle Crux became the dominant male but soon left with two other subordinate males. Gooch was the oldest subordinate male in the Rascals however he did not established dominance. For three months the Rascals were only led by a dominant female. By March 2013, Gooch was seen aserting his dominance and finally took the vaccant dominant male position. Gooch remained the dominant male untill he took to roving in October 2013 and was replaced by a Kung Fu male named Hankson. Goosh was still roving by the end of the month with Mojito. Sadly in December 2013, Gooch and Mojito were considered Last Seen when they failed to appear at the end of the month. It is unclear at this time what happened to them both. 


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