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Grigio (VRRM120) was born between October 29-31, 2008 in the Rascals Mob. His mother was Blondie, the dominant female at the time, and his father was an unknown male. His litter-mates were Sancerre(VRRF116), VRRP117, Rioja(VRRF118) and VRRP119. Sadly soon after emerging and going foraging VRRP117 and VRRP119 died as pups. All adult males left the group including Harvey the dominant male and two wild males join the group when he was a pup. Grus took the position of dominant male beside her. Blondie had one other litter of 6 pups a year later. Then she died shortly after leaving her sister Islay as the new dominant for a while but she died as well. His sister Sancerre was just eleven month old when she took female dominance after her aunt. As an adult male, Grigio started to rove. He left the group and joined Tigi and two wild males.


The rovers soon teamped up with five evicted females and formed the Ewoks Mob. The oldest female McDreamy took the position of dominant female and Tigi became the dominant male. After her second litter, all the other subirdinate females  Eagle's Claw, Dragon's Fist, Pai Mei and Princessco disappeared leaving the Ewoks with just four adult males, one adult female and four pups. In November 2010, Gringo and E. Jimpson Murgatroyd went roving togther at Kung Fu. There Gringo mated with Pilko who became pregnant. However it is unknown if Grigio fathered any pups that survived. Grigio remained with the Ewoks and helped out with the pups. Four months later Grigio was Last Seen in March 2011.


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