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Grog Young Ones

Grog the Commandoes Rover.jpg

Date of Birth
December 7, 2003
Date of Death
December 1, 2006
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Maybe: Young, HP J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli, Zoey Lazuli, Franny Lazuli, Esme Lazuli, and Holden Lazuli
Known For
One of the largest male meerkats
Also Known As
A rover on Meerkat Manor

Young Ones

Grog(VYM101) was born into the Young Ones on December 7, 2003, to Morgause and Sprite, the dominant pair at the time. His only litter-mate was his sister Staff(VYF102). Grog survived to adulthood and started to rove with his brothers, and his mother died on Febuary 18, 2004. In November of 2004, he left the group to rove along with Aragorn, Eddie, Zulu, Khoi Khoi, Ndebele, and Venda. The group of Young Ones males met up with some evicted Gattaca females. The group stayed together and formed a new mob called the Commandos.


Aragorn was the oldest male and established dominance in the new group. Litter-mates Zorilla and Kleintjie fought for dominance until finally Zorilla won dominance over her sister. The two started to bring the Commandos' numbers up. Meanwhile, Grog kept roving at other groups. He roved at the Lazuli and mated with the dominant female Cazanna, as well as with some subordinate females of the group. However, it is unknown if he fathered any pups born into the group. He may have mated with either Alina or Izzy as they both had two litters within the group. Grog was Last Seen on December 1, 2006.

Meerkat Manor

Grog was featured in season two of Meerkat Manor. He played himself and was actually the first Commandos meerkat to be introduced. He appeared in the episode "Cold Comfort" as a large rover. He visited the Whiskers' burrow to try and mate with the babysitters, but young pup Attila(Baker) unwittingly charged at Grog. The babysitters ran after the pup to protect him, and Grog was scared off. Later, Grog found a lone Lazuli female named Pancake, but Youssarian(Yossarian), a Whiskers rover who had found Pancake first, scent-marked the area to warn Grog off. At the end of the episode, both rovers appeared at the Lazuli, trying to capture Cazanna's attention. JD was on guard, but Youssarian snuck past him and followed Cazanna away from the group. However, Cazanna had run into the paws of Grog. This time, it was Grog who chased off Youssarian. Although Grog mated with Cazanna, she did not conceive. Grog was not seen again after that.


Mother: Morgause

Father: Sprite

Sister: Staff

Mate: Cazanna


Young Ones Mob

Commandos Mob

Morgause Avatar

Sprite Elveera

Cazanna Lazuli