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Guinness with Stuart

was a wild male first seen in August 2013 joining the JaXX Mob. His history including his parents, birth mob and potential litter-mates were unknown. At the time there were other wild males present in the mob whom most likely were from the same Guinnes' previously came from. Guinnes did not immediately become dominant but instead spent his time roving. During late 2013 he was often absent from the group as he was busy roving. By then two of the wild males had disappeared leaving just Guinnes and the current dominant male at the name Scarface. In February 2014 the Scarface went roving and spent time with a splinter group, and in his absence Guinnes took dominance. When Scarface tried to return in the following month long with the splinter Guinnes drove him away. He soon dispered leaving Guines' dominance unchallenged however few members were left in the JaXX. The long-term dominant female Diana was pregnant at the time so Guinnes continued to go roving until May 2014 after Diana aborted her litter. In August that year Diana was sadly lost and Teahupo'o became the new dominant female by Guinnes' side. In November she got pregnant but ended up aborting the litter. Teaahupo'o got pregnant in March and aborted but finally in June she gave birth to Guinnes's  first known fathered litter. This litter consisted of four pups, MauaMalabarYoda and Sheena. She gave birth again in September but this litter was killed by pregnant female Cloudbreak. She got pregnant in December but aborted in January 2016. She didn't give birth again until July. This litter consisted of Eedward, Jabok BlackSharpsepar and The Living From, Guiness was most likely the father of this litter. This would be Teahupo'o's last litter as she would be found dead in November 2016. Guinnes would take to roving after this. Guinnes was ouseted out of the JaXX by Lazuli males Jazzy Jeff and LLCoolj. He would be Last Seen in February 2017 along with Wawel, Yoda and Sheena.


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