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Habusu Young Ones


Yes, formerly of the Elveera
Scrawny, Mr. Scruff, and VEP123
Date of Birth
March 19, 2004
Date of Death
December 2007 (disappeared)
Known For
Dominant Male of Elveera

Young Ones

Jo Jo Hello and Habusu as the dominant pair.

Habusu (VYM110) was born on March 19, 2004, into the Young Ones. His mother was most likely Asterix and his father was most likely Alexander. His litter-mates were Ahadi(VYF108), Ousik(VYM109), and Lisani(VYM111). Ahadi sadly died on June 6, 2004, but the rest of his litter survived. His brother Ousik later joined the Jackals, but he too tragically died on June 27, 2005, after he was hit by a car on the main road. His sister Lisani was evicted and disappeared on January 15, 2006. Habusu lived in the Young Ones for the first three years of his life, although did take to roving occasionally. In April 2007, Habusu and some other males left Young Ones group for good and joined another group called the Elveera.


The Elveera's dominant female was Jo Jo Hello(VEF079) at the time. There was an unrelated dominant male and so, Habusu and the Young Ones males fought for dominance. Habusu, being the oldest Young Ones male, easily won dominance. Before he immigrated into the Elveera, Jo Jo Hello had gave birth to Gijima(VEM118), Kangela(VEF119), and Chibuku Scud(VEF120) a year before. They were not fathered by Habusu since they were born in 2006, not 2007 when he joined. Jo Jo Hello gave birth to Habusu's first two pups, Scrawny(VEF121) and Mr. Scruff(VEM122), on August 12, 2006. His next pup was VEP123 (date unknown). During September 2007, Habusu lost dominance to his cousin Teabag(VYM113), who had overthrown Habusu and taken the role of dominant male. In December 2007, Habusu disappeared with some other males and presumably joined other females. Jo Jo Hello died in June 2008 of TB, and her daughter Chibuku Scud (VEF120) became the new dominant female beside Teabag. Habusu's son Mr. Scruff with Gijima and Ash were the last Elveera members still alive. The Elveera died out of TB.


Mother: Asterix.

Father: Alexander.

Sister: Ahadi and Lisani.

Brothers: Ousik.

Mate: Jo Jo Hello.

Children: Scrawny and Mr. Scruff.


Young Ones Mob

Elveera Mob

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

Scrawny Elveera

Mr. Scruff Elveera