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Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil(VWM167) was born in April 2011 into the Whiskers. His mother was Ella, and his father was presumably Thundercat. His litter-mates consisted of one sister named Razzmattazz(VWF168) and two brothers named Mr. Shankly(VWM169) and Jobin(VWM170). Two months following his birth, Handsome Devil's mother Ella lost dominance to Oriole, who was then ousted by Enili. In September 2011, at the age of five months old, Handsome Devil was absent from the group along with some roving males, including his father Thundercat, and some evicted females. He was only five months old so he most likely was not roving. The following month, Handsome Devil returned to the group along with the other absent meerkats. Later, in November, Jobin was predated. In December, while the Whiskers were crossing the main road, Mr. Shankly, Handsome Devil's brother, was sadly hit by a car along with Mimaji and Dromar The Banisher. Handsome Devil and his sister Razzmattazz surived to their first birthday. Razzmatazz later disappeared. Handsome Devil started to rove in October 2012. Handsome Devil became a regular rover. He started spending more and more time away from the Whiskers. Eventually he was sadly Last Seen in September 2013.


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