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Hannibal was the one-eyed feared dominant male of the Commandos and the mate of the baby eater Nikita. Hannibal was first featured in season 2 of Meerkat Manor. He led a raid on a Lazuli babysitting burrow. His mate Nikita killed Bubble a Lazuli pup. He rivaled Zaphod in size and was capable of making the Whiskers run. Hannibal led the Commandos in multiple attacks against the Whiskers, the Lazuli, the last three Starsky sisters, and the Zappa. Hannibal was a fear leader with a ferocious mob behind him. He gave Carlos his scar on his face before season 3. Hannibal died in between filming season 3 and 4. He died in his sleep in the winter. Hannibal was one of the fan favorites

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and was missed when he died. His mate Nikita later got a new mate from the Whiskers named Zorro son of Flower. His young son Wilson became a rover and mated with many of Hannibal's enemies' daughters including Rocket Dog, Mozart and Sophie.

Hannibal the Meerkat

Jim Bob,

Jim Bob up close

the former dominant male of the Vivian played Hannibal. His mate Rhian played Nikita in seasons 2 and 3. She really killed Bubble. She was also Zaphod's sister. Jim Bob was actually one of the sweetest meerkats the KMP worked with. He was portrayed as a scary ferocious meerkat with one eye but in real life he was nothing like that. The Vivian was used to film Commando footage till the Whiskers moved. Then the real Commandos were used in the last season. Zorilla the real dominant female of the Commandos played Nikita in season four and Zarathustra played Zorro her new mate. Wilson was played by Drew who mated with both Rocket Dog and Mozart in season 3 and Homestar Runner who became the dominant male of the Aztecs and rover in season 4.