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Hansel(VBM032) was born on December 18, 2002 in the Balrog. His mother was Mangabey and his father was one of the Balrog males. Hansel was born with three litter-mate sistsers Cinders(VBF030), Gretel(VBF033) and Rapunzel(VBF031). His mother was from the Vivian Mob and had joined the Balrog three months before and mated with one of the males. Hansel and his sisters survived, however their mother was not the dominant female. Mangabey's older sister Velvet had established dominance over the group beside the dominant male Balrog. Hansel and his sisters sruvived to adulthood, however his mother was evicted with her sister and cousin and were last Seen on October 10, 2003. Hansel help out around th emob with the pups and sentry duties, however there were few pups born in the Balrog. His sister Cinders disappared in mid 2004 and soon his other sisters Gretel and Rapunzel disappared with their aunt Viv'e in December 2004. Hensel remained in the group a little longer till he went roving with Mbabane and some of the older Balrog males and disappared. Hansel was Last Seen on July 17, 2005.


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