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Haslam(VLF0??) was born on November 2, 1999, in the Lazuli. Her mother was Ziziphus, and her father was Belgarion. One of her litter-mates was Cazanna. They survived to adulthood. After her mother died, Haslam took over as the dominant female. Then all the Lazuli males left the group to rove, leaving only females. Then two Elveera males joined the group; Raul became the dominant male. Haslam started to evict females. She evicted Sleepy and Grumpy, who then joined two Drie Doring males, who formed the Moomins together. With only two adult males, four Vivian males soon joined the group and kicked out the two Elveera males. Shortly after, Haslam was ousted by Cazanna, along with her younger sister Bukem.


Haslam and Bukem soon joined Raul and Cuthbert, the two Elveera males who had been kicked out of the Lazuli. They stayed together and formed the Tottenham. Haslam took dominance beside Raul. The group had one known surviving litter, but it is unknown if Haslam or Bukem was the mother. The group lasted a year before disease hit the group. Raul died from TB. Haslam then died on May 20, 2002. All the meerkats disappeared and the Tottenham was lost.


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