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Herpasaurus Baobab
Formerly of the Acacia
Date of Birth
February 22, 2009
Date of Death
June 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Cruise and unknown rover
Claptastic, Crusty, and VBBP024
Known For
Dominant Female of the Acacia
Also Known As
First Dominant Female of the Acacia


Herpasaurus(VBBF027) was born into the Baobab on February 22, 2009. Her mother was Cruise, and her father was a rover, possibly from the Moomins. Her litter-mates were Claptastic(VBBF026), Crusty(VBBM025), and VBBP024. Their mother was not the dominant female Hawkeye, but she allowed the pups to live. Sadly, VBBP024 disappeared in April 2009 and was considered predated. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. In March 2010, Herpasaurus' sister Claptastic left the group with four other members and were Last Seen. In April, Hawkeye died, leaving Cruise as the dominant female. She started to evict females from the group; Herpasaurus managed to get back into the group every time, and soon she became the oldest subordinate female under Cruise. In January 2011, Herpasaurus was evicted twice, but managed to rejoin the group. In February 2012, Cruise and Herpasaurus gave birth to a mixed litter, composed of DigbyZoggTopcatArtemis, and VBBP086. Sadly, VBBP086 died as a pup. Herpasaurus never saw her pups reach adulthood; she got pregnant again and was evicted by Cruise, forcing her to abort her new litter. She was Last Seen in November 2012. However, she was not lost forever.


Herpasaurus was rediscovered in May 2013 along with three younger sisters and two wild males. Herpasaurus was the the dominant female of this small group, which was soon named Acacia. They were first spotted during an encounter with Van Helsing. The two groups had an encounter again the next morning, during which Herpasaurus was viciously attacked. In June, researchers were unable to track the Acacia, possibly because of a faulty collar on Herpasaurus. The Acacia were found again in August 2013, but Herpasaurus was no longer with the group. It is unknown what happened to her.


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