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Hoax Mob
Date of Forming
December 2006
Mau Mau, Carravagio, Sid Vicious, Houdini, Tina Sparkle and Suggs
Dominant Female(s)
Mau Mau
Dominant Male(s)
Last Dominant Female
Mau Mau
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
December 2007
Last Known Member
Sid Vicious

The Hoax Mob was a group of four wild meerkats First Seen in December 2006 and soon after two meerkats from the Whiskers Mob join the group. Dominance was held by wild meerkats Carravagio and Mau Mau. The group's habituation progressed well after only nine months, however none of the females could produce a litter. With no pups in the group, all the males started to leave the mob to rove leaving just the two females. The dominant Mau Mau started to get scared with the males gone and soon after disappeared without a trace leaving Tina Sparkle who was heavily pregnant as the last member still in the group. She was no longer followed when she left the reserve and the Hoax was lost.

Dominant Pair

When the group was finally habituated, the only wild female Mau Mau had already taken dominance over Tina Sparkle, while male dominance was taken by a wild male named Carravagio. The two held dominance for for a year, but with no pups, the males finally left, Mau Mau and the only other female Tina Sparkle soon disappeared

All Known Members

A list of all Known members.

Carravagio (VHXM001)

Sid Vicious (VHXM002)

Houdini (VHXM003)

Mau Mau (VHXF004)

Tina Sparkle (VWF076)

Suggs (VWM109)


The Hoax Mob was first seen in the area south of the big dunes, that area became empty after Whiskers, Commandos and Vivian mobs moved territory. Hoax never encountered any of there neighbors but soon moved in near the Moomins to the north, Lazuli to the south and Aztecs to the east.