Meerkats Wiki

December 2006: Mau Mau, Carravagio, Sid Vicious and Houdini were First Seen. Tina Sparkle and Suggs joined the four wild meerkats and formed the Hoax.Habituation started.

January- June 2007: No major events. Mau Mau and Carravagio became the dominant pair.

July 2007: No pregnant females no roving males.

August 2007: No pregnant female and no roving males.

September 2007: Houdini and Suggs went roving. Suggs was Last Seen.

October 2007: Mau Mau was pregnant but aborted. Carravagio, Houdini and Sid Vicious went roving and left the group. Houdini joined the Moomins. Sid Vicious and Mau Mau were Last Seen. Carravagio was absent. 

November 2007: Tina Sparkle was pregnant. Carravagio joined the Polaris. 

December 2007: Tina Sparkle was pregnant but Last Seen. The Hoax was Lost. Sid Vicous would later reappeared in the JaXX in May 2008.